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Camp Spot News #4 - You Say You Went YURT Camping?
April 13, 2005

You all look like happy campers to me. Happy campers you are, happy campers you have been, and, as far as I am concerned, happy campers you will always be.
-Dan Quayle-


April 12, 2005
The Camp Spot News
Issue #004

Editor: Maria at Camp Spot


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Table of Contents

1. Welcome from Camp Spot

2. Camp Spot Updates

3. Featured Article - You Say You Went YURT Camping?

4. Camping Tip of the Month

5. Survival Camping Recipe

6. Have Your Say, too!

7. Camper Asks A Question

8. Gear Review

9. A Camper Shares Tent Tips

10. Camping Riddle

11. Reader Survey -What do YOU think?

12. Go Ahead - Tell a Friend!

13. Contact Information



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Camp Spot Updates

We've had a lot of exciting happenings here at Camp Spot.

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Featured Article

You Say You Went YURT Camping?

By The Editor

I ran across a news story last week that quickly grabbed my attention. This report detailed about the growing number of campers in the Northwest who go camping in Yurts.

I thought, "What? This is something I've never, ever heard of in all my campin' days." I thought it was quite intriguing and rather unusual. So I started looking into this "Yurt" thing. I learned some remarkable new facts.

So, you inquire, what's a Yurt?

I’m glad you asked! ;)

Yurt lovers have defined it as a:

Y ear-round
U niversal
R ecreational
T ent

The dictionary defines it as:


    n : a circular domed dwelling of skins stretched over a pole frame that is portable and self-supporting; originally used by nomadic Mongol and Turkic people of central Asia but now used as inexpensive alternative or temporary housing

    [Russian yurta, of Turkic origin.]

The fact is: the days of tent camping are over for some campers, they’re tossing out those pesky tent stakes! Now there’s a better way. Yurts are just the latest thing for campers these days.

Did you know yurts are becoming increasingly popular in the state parks of the northwest U.S?

They are quickly growing in number in Oregon and Washington. These structures started popping up in Oregon only about 5 years ago. The parks are adding more every year to keep up with the growing demand of enthusiastic campers.

You’ll find that the yurts in these state parks aren't the portable ones that the nomads used. These fashionable camping structures are ready to move into when you arrive at the campground.

Although the materials a yurt is made of have changed from the nomadic style, the basic design is still the same. A yurt is a circular domed tent especially designed to withstand wind and retain heat.

Modern yurts consist of a lattice wall that is made by criss-crossing slats of wood and bolting them together. Some yurts may have canvas siding. The floor is generally made of plywood, with a canvas or even a clear plexiglass skylight. And that’s not all…

Some of the classier yurts even have a lockable wooden door, window screens and flaps, reflective insulation, electricity, and indoor lighting! Boy, that’s practically camping luxury! It doesn’t get much better that at most campgrounds.

The yurts that are constructed in the state parks measure 16 feet in diameter and have 10-foot-high ceilings. Most are already furnished with a bunk bed, fold out couch, a small table, and space heater. The parks also have at least one yurt that is wheelchair accessible!

What’s more, each campground yurt also has a fire ring and picnic table conveniently located right outside. The parks with yurts also are equipped with hot showers and modern restrooms.

In short... all you really need on your trip are the basic camping necessities: Sleeping bag, flashlight, towel, ax, matches, cookware, etc.

Of course, some rules may apply. Do remember, there are some minor restrictions. Be forewarned that pets, cooking and smoking aren’t permitted inside the yurts. Before leaving, the campers are provided with a broom and dustpan so that they can sweep out their yurt for the next visitors.

Yurts are even a good off-season option for travelers, as they are comfortable even in cold weather.

There you have it. Yurts are providing campers with an unforgettable camping experience. I’m ready to try one out, but I’ll probably have to wait until yurts become the rage in Southern Utah.

I’m guessing that probably won’t be for a while yet. ;)


Camping Tip of the Month

Place a container (large canister or small trash can) near your dryer. Use it to collect dryer lint. Stuff a ziplock bag with lint and use for fire starter next trip out. People who camp with me for the first time are always impressed with the creative idea and how well it works!

Terri Harper of NC, USA

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Survival Camping Recipe

Honeysuckle Nectar

If you run across a honeysuckle bush when you are camping and hiking, try it out, you're in for a treat. Keep this in mind for something edible when you get lost in the woods.

honeysuckle bush
white honeysuckle flowers

Find a honeysuckle bush blooming in late spring or early summer. Choose a white flower. Pluck them from the bush and bite the bottom of the flower off and spit out. Suck the nectar from the flower. This really is very tasty so you may be standing there for quite some time sucking nectar.

Sheila M. of TX

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Have Your Say, too!

Would You Like To Contribute Your Camping Experiences?

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I find that articles that are written by campers have something *extra* that non-campers can't always 'capture'.

The knowledge that comes with experience just can't be beaten. So...

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A Camper Asks a Question

This question was featured in the last issue:

Hi, I'm one of those folks that love to camp. We have a 3 month old baby, and I'm not sure how old kids need to be before they go camping. Can anyone help? Thanks. Jean

A helpful camper answered her question:

My kids were both born in March and both went camping for Memorial Day weekend. The keys to taking an infant camping are to bring enough clothing and blankets in case of cold weather. A tip I got that was wonderful was to bring a round tall laundry basket. For babies bath you line it with a garbage bag and fill with water, it worked like a charm!

This question was asked at the Camp Spot Forums.

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Camping Gear Review

Would you like to review your favorite camping gear? Decide for yourself whether you can share your experience with other campers.
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I invite you to share your favorite camping experiences with us! You can join in, too! Share Your Story



Camping Riddle

What do wolves eat when they go camping?

Answer: Pigs in a blanket

Do you have a camping joke to share? Let's see it in the next issue!


Reader Survey - What do YOU think?

Are you ready? Here's this month's question:

Do you prefer tents, RVs, or cabins when you are camping?

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In our last issue we asked the question: How long has it been since your last camping trip?

Well, guess what? 50% of voters said several months. 33.3% said several years. 16.7% said last month. Sounds like it's time to gear up for camping!

Here are comments from two voters:

It's been way too long since I've been to the woods! Thanks for asking! - UK

Waaaaaaaa!!!! Life's very busy now, but the last time was in a Southern African desert :) - SC, USA


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