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Camp Spot News #3 - Have You Caught the Camping Itch?
March 12, 2005

You all look like happy campers to me. Happy campers you are, happy campers you have been, and, as far as I am concerned, happy campers you will always be.
-Dan Quayle-


March 12, 2005
The Camp Spot News
Issue #3

Editor: Maria at Camp Spot


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Table of Contents

1. Welcome from Camp Spot

2. Camp Spot Updates

3. Featured Article - Have You Caught the "Camping Itch?"

4. Camping Tips of the Month

5. New Camping Recipe

6. Have Your Say, too!

7. Camper Asks A Question

8. Gear Review

9. A Camper Shares a Story

10. Camping Joke

11. Reader Survey -What do YOU think?

12. Go Ahead - Tell a Friend!

13. Contact Information



Welcome from Camp Spot!

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Camp Spot Updates

We've had a lot of exciting happenings here at Camp Spot in the last month.

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Featured Article

Have You Caught the "Camping Itch?"

By The Editor

Well, spring is here in Southern Utah. The days are getting longer, and warmer. You know, a funny thing happens to me every spring: I get "Spring Fever."

Now, listen, this is a funny disease. I just start "itching" to get outdoors! That fresh, crisp spring scent in the air stirs up something inside some people.

However, it's still a little too chilly just yet for camping, I'm one of those types that hate to get cold at night. (wimpy, huh?) Besides, I have two little girls, and I'd rather wait for warmer weather before we head off into the wilds.

If you've caught this "Camping Itch," too, here are a few ways to remedy the situation:

  • Work a little on your fitness. Go for a jog and haul a backpack around to get those muscles back in shape.
  • You can get your camping checklist ready. Sit down and decide what you want to bring along this year. If the kids are helping, you can let them in on the fun.
  • Visit an online camping store and check out all the neat camping gear and equipment that you don’t have. At least you can dream a little!
  • Decide if you’ll need any new camping gear this year. You can do some research on the latest and greatest camping stuff. If you need a new tent, go online and do so research. Decide exactly what tent you’ll need.
  • Figure out where you’ll be camping out this time. Pull out the maps and look over them; let the kids help choose their favorite spot.
  • If you’re really anxiously waiting for the camping season, and you have some time on your hands, take a little drive to nearby campgrounds. Check them out and pick out your favorite spot.
  • Pull out last year’s camping pictures and reminisce. The kids will enjoy laughing over last year’s escapades.
  • Get out all the camping gear and check it over. Make sure that nothing is lost or broken.
  • Wash the sleeping bags, so they’ll be all ready to go when finally the weather warms up.
  • Set up the tent in the house to make sure you still remember how to put it together. Well, at least the kids can practice camping!

If all else fails to satisfy that camping craving, just pack up and go camping anyway, even if it's too cold. You’ll probably enjoy the campground all to yourself. Who cares if it’s chilly and rainy!


Camping Tips of the Month

Tip # 1
Up to half your body heat is lost through your neck and head. Wearing a warm turtleneck sweater and a knit cap will help to conserve heat in cold weather.

Cammeron H. of NC

Tip #2
When I go camping, I take along a shiny new cookie sheet. I use it as a fire reflector to bake biscuits or pies.

Sandy K. of GA

Tip #3
Freezing your camp food before your trip will help keep the food cold longer, and cut down the ice you'll need for your cooler.

Andrew P. of TX

Do you have a camping tip to share? Let's see it in the next issue!



New Camping Recipe

Earthquake Shake

2 cups cold water
2 tablespoons honey
1/2 cup nonfat dry milk
1 large can peaches

Mash peaches and pour into a jar. Add honey and water, sprinkle in dry milk and shake well. Serves 4

Annabelle D. of MT

Do you have a camping recipe to share? Let's see it in the next issue!


Have Your Say, too!

Would You Like To Contribute Your Camping Experiences?

You may just see your name in the next newsletter!

I find that articles that are written by campers have something *extra* that non-campers can't always 'capture'.

The knowledge that comes with experience just can't be beaten. So...

Do you have any insights or experience about anything that's camping-related? Do you think it might make a good article for this ezine? Do you have camping tips, jokes, or recipes to contribute?

If you do - then how about sending one???

If you haven't written before, or are worried that your writing skills aren't good enough, please don't worry about it. I'll edit each article so all you need to do is worry about what YOU want to write about!

We have a place designed especially for special submissions. Go ahead and check it out. See if you can join in.


A Camper Asks a Question

Taking the baby along?
Hi, I'm one of those folks that love to camp. We have a 3 month old baby, and I'm not sure how old kids need to be before they go camping. Can anyone help? Thanks. Jean

This question was asked at the Camp Spot Forums.

If you have an answer, please respond at the forums, or reply to this newsletter. Selected answers will appear in the next newsletter issue.



Camping Gear Review

Coleman Weathermaster Screened Tent

This is by far the best cabin tent I have used and a real deal for the money. The screen room is roomy- enough for a few chairs or small table and chairs with room to spare. The side entrance is a plus.

I use the large room as sleeping quarters and the center room (when hanging the removable divider) for supplies and gear: the perfect set up so no one needs to climb over or step on sleeping bags when rummaging for things.

Two good-sized windows in sleeping area can be closed all the way or adjusted to suit the weather &/or for privacy. I have used this tent in both New England and East Africa.

I do wish their was an additional window on the back wall for ventilation when in extremely hot climates. Other than that personal preference, this tent is great! Well-constructed, durable and amazingly easy for even one person to set up considering it's roomy size.

Garry B. of VT

You can find this item in our camp store.

Would you like to review some of your camping gear? You can share your experience with other campers. Let's see it in the next issue!


A Camper Shares a Story

By Peter Vanderlans from Malaysia

You can also read this story online and view some of Peter's photos.

Not many people know it but Iran is one of the best countries for traveling in the world. A few years ago I spend some months there. I found the nicest and warmest people imaginable. I know, the press in the west is against me but ask any traveler who has been there, they know I am not lying.

It was seldom necessary to camp when I cycled through the country. Many days I was invited by local people to stay in their houses, share the food, the alcohol (which I had to refuse since I don't drink) and there was always a room for me.

But this night was different. I was in the south, in reach of the Straits of Hormoz. The land here is wide and open, not many villages around. The reason to camp out now was that the surrounding was so beautiful. Close your eyes and imagine: wide open land with green trees, some sand here and there and a road that goes on forever. Here was nobody. That was at least what I thought.

In the last village I had taken enough water and food to help me through the night. So I set up my camp. Close by I found more water so I could even have a shower.

To shower on the road I carried with me a 2.5 l. Coca Cola bottle which I always let empty until the end of the day. Therefore I had always a "portable" shower with me. I showered and made me some coffee. The evening falls quickly in the desert. And beautiful it was.

The sun went in a few minutes down. Nothing was to be heard. Or was it? I imagined I heard voices. A few minutes later it was not longer my imagination. In front of me there were about 40 kids. Some of them were not even 10 years old. But one of them was around 20. He had a machine-gun with him.

He ordered me to stand up. I thought I finally had found the legendary Ali Baba and his 40 robbers.

Not knowing what to do with me he ordered me to sit down. And to stand up again. It became amusing especially since he was very nervous. The guy spoke to me in Farsi, the language of the Iranians. I didn't understand a word. But after a few times sitting down and standing up it became comic.

Fortunately, a land-rover showed up. A man in his 40's stepped out of the car and asked me in broken English what I was doing here. I told him I was planning to sleep here. I showed him my tent, mattress and my stove. He looked very puzzled. Then he ordered the guy with the machinegun away. He explained to me the guy tried to convince me to stay in a hotel in the next town but couldn't explain since he didn't speak any English.

He offered me to bring me to the town and stay in the hotel. I refused. The evening was so beautiful, I felt like sleeping under the bright sky.

He looked at me with a frown, not understanding why I would prefer the bare circumstance of the hard ground instead of a comfortable hotelbed. But he ordered everybody away.

The man excused himself for the behavior of the kid with the gun. The guy was just in the army service and wanted to show off to his friends. "That can happen", he said. Camping in Iran is not well known, not necessary too and the people are not exposed to it.

As a present he give me some fruits he had in his car and waved me goodbye wishing me luck. The group of kids disappeared in the dark and I haven't seen them since that night.

I made some coffee and dinner before I fell in a dreamless sleep.

Scary it was, and it was my only scary experience in all the years I've traveled, and in all my international camping.

By Peter Vanderlans from Malaysia

You can also read this story online and view some of Peter's photos.

I invite you to share your favorite camping experiences with us! You can join in, too! Share Your Story

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Camping Joke

Getting away from their high-stress jobs, a couple enjoyed relaxing weekends in their motor home. When they found their peace and quiet disturbed by well-meaning, but unwelcome, visits from other campers, they devised a plan to assure themselves some privacy.

Now, when they set up camp, they place this sign on the door of their RV:

"Insurance agent. Ask about our term-life package."

Do you have a camping joke to share? Let's see it in the next issue!


Reader Survey - What do YOU think?

Are you ready? Here's this month's question:

How long has it been since your last camping trip? A week, a month, a year, two years, more? What! You've never been camping!

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