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The Camp Spot News, Issue #7 - July Holiday Camping
July 14, 2005

You all look like happy campers to me. Happy campers you are, happy campers you have been, and, as far as I am concerned, happy campers you will always be.
-Dan Quayle-


July 14, 2005
The Camp Spot News
Issue #7

Editor: Maria at Camp Spot


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Table of Contents

1. Welcome from Camp Spot

2. Camp Spot Updates

3. July Editorial

4. Camping Tip of the Month

5. Camping Recipe

6. Have Your Say, too!

7. Camper Asks A Question

8. Gear Review

9. Camper Shares a Story

10. Camping Joke

11. Reader Survey -What do YOU think?

12. Go Ahead - Tell a Friend!

13. Contact Information



Welcome from Camp Spot!

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Camp Spot Updates

The site continues to grow, adding new pages, updating older ones.

Our site map has been updated. Some pages were not listed there, but now all pages are found on the site map.

I'm gradually integrating a new site footer. Check the bottom of the most recently updated pages to see the little icons. Hopefully it will be reflected across the entire site soon.

I am going through the proccess of updating the camp songs section. I'm adding new songs, and correcting font discrepencies. The first two pages have been changed. The rest will follow shortly.

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July Editorial

by Maria at Camp Spot

Click here to see photos and read this story online.

I hope that everyone had a terrific Independence Day on the 4th. We sure did! Although our family couldn't break away long enough for an overnight camping trip, we did get to go fishing on the holiday. That was definitely enjoyable, even though we didn't catch much.

Of course I brought our digital camera along and took lots of pictures.

As we packed up to go, I planned to take my two little girls along with us. The oldest (2 1/2 yrs.) is another outdoor lover. But that very morning, the baby was sick with a fever and rash. We decided to leave them both with Grandma, it would ruin the trip for all of us to take fussy children on a fishing trip!

Instead, I invited a young nine-year-old friend to come along. It was his very first fishing trip, so he was excited.

We decided to go to the Yankee Meadows reservoir in Southern Utah, near Parowan. The road takes you along a beautiful scenic drive through the Dixie National Forest.

Arriving, we baited the hooks with worms and cast out the lines. Then we sat down to wait. It was a beautiful day there, and other fishermen were positioned around the shore.

Our little friend managed to get his line tangled around his reel three different times that day! Once the line even had to be cut...

Finally, mid afternoon there was a nibble! I was reeling in a line to recast and there was a fish on the end. I didn't even realize that something was there as it didn't even resist as I brought in the line.

There was just a small cutthroat trout, about 9 inches long. The youngster we brought along was thrilled with it. In fact, he wanted to hold it and pat it and play with it. Finally, I told him to leave it alone or it would be too mangled to eat! Here's the Fish

As the shadows got longer in the late afternoon, we were all rather discouraged with how the fish were biting. As discussed packing up, our little friend excitedly called: "There's something on this pole! It's moving!"

He reeled it in, and sure enough. There was another fish there.

We fished for a while longer, but didn't catch anything else. The other fishermen there didn't catch much either. There were several boats cruising the lake all day, too. We fished for a while longer, but didn't catch anything else. The other fishermen there didn't catch much either.

Just before we left, I fired our little Weber Baby Q grill that we brought along. We cooked the two fish right there on the lake shore. Mmm... Fresh fish is delicious! (See the recipe that I used below in section 5)

As the sun set, we packed up our gear in the truck and headed home. Hopefully we'll have another chance to go camping or fishing soon, and have better luck next time, too!

Click here to read this story online.

I invite you to share your favorite camping experiences with us! You can join in, too! Share Your Story


Camping Tip of the Month

Two experienced campers that have "been there, done that" sent in some great camping tips this month.

- Great Newsletter! When I was a lot younger and indestructible I backpacked in Alaska for 3 years and had several bear encounters. My advice is to carry a bell and a large-caliber hand gun!

- On a Colorado trip one summer, I wore a bright red ballcap which attracted hummingbirds! A little scary but great fun seeing them close-up!

- We take both metal and plastic tent stakes along with a metal hammer and a rubber mallet in order to be staked out no matter what the ground conditions are.

- We carry a leaf rake in our car to clear our tent spot of rocks and sticks.

- When nature calls in the middle of the night, we use our "Tidy Cat". Rather than look for the flashlight, put on cold clothing and shoes, then try to remember where the campground facility is, we use "Tidy Cat". Our tent is large and at one end, we have a 5-gallon bucket with a plastic toilet seat on it and it's lined with a small trash bag with some kitty litter in it. In the morning the bag goes to the dumpster. Yes we're old.

- We keep a lot of our camping gear loaded in the car all the time, just in case the urge strikes. It saves time and could be useful in an emergency situation, such as a tornado.

- We found a piece of carpeting at a garage sale that fits in our tent floor. It rolls up and gets a bungee cord around the middle and fits nicely in our car. Just like home!

Dennis and Debbie - Oklahoma, USA

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Camping Recipe

Fresh Trout Recipe

This is our favorite camping recipe!

You'll need:
1 trout
1 piece of tin foil
seasonings, lemon pepper, etc.
2 tablespoons butter, or margarine

Place whole cleaned trout on foil. Sprinkle seasonings inside fish.

Place slices of butter inside fish. Wrap fish inside foil, then place on grill. Cook for 10 minutes or until the eyes turn white and "pop" out of the head. Carefully scrape off skin and remove meat from bones.


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Have Your Say, too!

Would You Like To Contribute Your Camping Experiences?

You may just see your name in the next newsletter! It's up to you...

I find that articles that are written by campers have something *extra* that non-campers can't always 'capture'.

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A Camper Asks a Question

I love being outdoors, my wife doesn't, and I need to figure out how to get her "there" without her being unhappy about it. I am open to suggestions.


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Camping Gear Review

Would you like to review your favorite camping gear? Decide for yourself whether you can share your experience with other campers.
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Camping Joke

A camper bought a parrot to keep him company on the road. At the very first campground, the man was confronted by angry neighbors who were tired of hearing the bird squawking and talking. Fearing he was about to be kicked out, he quickly shoved the parrot in the freezer as the campground manager approached.

After the manager left, the camper took the bird out of the freezer. The camper looked angrily at the parrot and said, "From now on you will keep your mouth shut, unless we are driving. If you don't, you'll be sorry. Do you have any questions about that?". "Yeah", said the parrot, "What did the chicken do?"

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Reader Survey - What do YOU think?

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In our last issue we asked the question: Which seasons of the year do you most enjoy camping? Summer? Winter? Spring? Fall?

Here are the results:

Spring Campers - 50%
Summer Campers - 16.7%
Fall Campers - 33.3%
Winter Campers - 0%

Here are comments from two voters:

Summers in Oklahoma are hot, so we go to the Rockies! - OK, USA

When it is not too hot or too cold. - AL, USA


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