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The Camp Spot News, Issue #5 - Camping Junkie and an Overdue Book
May 13, 2005

You all look like happy campers to me. Happy campers you are, happy campers you have been, and, as far as I am concerned, happy campers you will always be.
-Dan Quayle-


May 13, 2005
The Camp Spot News
Issue #5

Editor: Maria at Camp Spot


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Table of Contents

1. Welcome from Camp Spot

2. Camp Spot Updates

3. Featured Article - Camping Junkie and an Overdue Book

4. Camping Tip of the Month

5. Camping Recipe

6. Have Your Say, too!

7. Camper Asks A Question

8. Gear Review

9. Camper Shares a Story

10. Camping Riddle

11. Reader Survey -What do YOU think?

12. Go Ahead - Tell a Friend!

13. Contact Information



Welcome from Camp Spot!

Hi it's nice to see you again!

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Camp Spot Updates

It's been busy here at Camp Spot.

The About Me page has been updated. Also the Contact form and the Share a Story page.

Now is a good time to check out the Camping Forums. There are separate discussion areas for camping gear, tent campers, RVers, camp cooking, etc.

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Featured Article

Camping Junkie and an Overdue Book

By The Editor

A headline in Google caught my eye last week. The story was about a long overdue camping book that had been returned to a New York library.

A man in New York discovered a dusty old book in his attic when he was cleaning. It was a library book, due February 27, 1981!

"The Joy of Camping" was finally returned to the Orchard Park Public Library more than 24 years later.

The maximum fine for overdue books is $10 but the borrower decided that he wanted to pay exactly what he owed. When he calculated the fine, it totaled $2,200!

The librarian didn't intent to charge the full amount, but he insisted on paying the full fine. The library officials gladly accepted his donation.

The man commented that he hoped that they can use the money to "do some good things."

Hey, maybe they'll get more camping books, so he'll borrow more. :)


Camping Tip of the Month

Mosquitoes and other insects like dark colored clothing and the perfumed scents of many products (soaps, shampoos, colognes, hairspray, etc.) In the outdoors, flies and bugs seem to love my hair. I'm sure that it's because of the hairspray. When I'm camping, I try to dress so that I won't attract the biters. I use unscented stuff and leave most of my other stuff at home.

Trixi L. of NV, USA

Keep your toilet paper roll dry by packing it in a coffee tin with a snap-on lid.

Bridget Tralls of UK

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Camping Recipe

Biscuits on a Stick

A simple recipe that's perfect kids. Biscuits on a stick are my kids favorite treat. They won't let me forget the biscuits when we are planning camping trip.

1 stick

Chocolate chips
Peanut butter

Use the boughten biscuits that come in a can. (It pops when you open the can) Flatten the dough and wrap it around a stick that is about 1 inch in diameter. Cover the whole top of the stick and make sure that the seams are sealed well. Toast the biscuit over your campfire, the thinner the biscuit, the quicker it cooks. Take time so that the tip doesn't burn. When it is done, the biscuit should come easily off the stick. Careful, its hot. Then fill the hole with anything you like. The stuff melts and makes a deliciously gooey snack.

Kelly V. of OR

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Have Your Say, too!

Would You Like To Contribute Your Camping Experiences?

You may just see your name in the next newsletter! It's up to you...

I find that articles that are written by campers have something *extra* that non-campers can't always 'capture'.

The knowledge that comes with experience just can't be beaten. So...

Do you have any insights or experience about anything that's camping-related? Do you think it might make a good article for this ezine? Do you have camping tips, jokes, or recipes to contribute?

If you do - then how about sending one???

If you haven't written before, or are worried that your writing skills aren't good enough, please don't worry about it. I'll edit each article so all you need to do is worry about what YOU want to write about!

We have a place designed especially for special submissions. Go ahead and check it out.

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A Camper Asks a Question

I live in the Western US. Very frequently I encounter thunderstorms on camping trips. Any suggestions for precautions to take during these storms?

Todd K. of CO

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Camping Gear Review

Would you like to review your favorite camping gear? Decide for yourself whether you can share your experience with other campers.
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A Camper Shares a Story

By Maria Jeffs

You can also read this article online.

This last winter season has been very rainy for the Southwest U.S. It's been difficult to get out and do things outdoors because of the weather.

Usually it stays warm most of the winter here. Hiking is even more fun in the winter than in the summer, because there's not so much heat during the winter days.

Well, after all this stormy weather, our family has been itching to get outdoors. If we couldn't go camping, well, we might as well go for a hike!

So in January 2005, we took a short hike to see a waterfall created by rainstorm run-off. This water flows over the edge of a cliff and drops approximately 500 ft.

You have to catch it right after a rainstorm, because this is just a quick flash flood. The water dries up rather quickly.

As we don't get much moisture around here, it's unusual to see that much water roaring over the edge of a cliff.

Click here to see some pictures of our outing

I invite you to share your favorite camping experiences with us! You can join in, too! Share Your Story



Camping Riddle

Why do you need to take a baseball player with you when you go camping?

Answer: To pitch the tent.

Do you have a camping joke to share? Let's see it in the next issue!


Reader Survey - What do YOU think?

Are you ready? Here's this month's question:

Have you ever encountered a bear or other potentially dangerous animal while camping?
Take the survey

This months survey question was prompted by the recent PA bear attack stories in the news. I personally have never encountered a bear in the wild, and wondered if any of our readers had. The closest I've come to wildlife is a glimpse of a deer or rabbit. ;)

Take just a moment to complete this months survey...

Your vote counts!

Stay tuned, we'll publish the results in next month's issue!


In our last issue we asked the question: Do you prefer tents, RVs, or cabins when you are camping?

Well, guess what? 83.3% of voters said tents. 16.7% said RVs. Looks like tents have the majority.

Here are comments from several voters:

I use a tent, it's all I can afford at the moment. :| - NM, USA

I do enjoy your newsletter, excellent. - Netherlands

So I'm pikey... But surely the whole point is to get away and get close to whatever it is you love, be it mountains, sea or sky? The tent goes in my rucksac, pitches anywhere and takes 1min47secs ;) to get up or down, I can hear and smell everything around (usually a good thing...) and I can watch the stars through the roof panel. Bliss. - UK


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Contact Information

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Stay tuned, the next issue of the Camp Spot News is scheduled for June 9, 2005!

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