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Camp Spot News #1 - New Store is Here
January 14, 2005

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January 14, 2005
Issue #001
Editor: Maria at Camp Spot


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Table of Contents

1. News - Our New Store
2. Our Guarantee
3. A Big Thank You
4. Featured Article - Campfire Cooking
5. Share a Story
6. Contact Information



We have a brand new store! Just launched January 8, 2004.

Visit it now!
Shop at Camp Spot

We have a selection of kids gear, tents, outdoor clothing, and some misc camping gear.

We are doing a little experimenting. This is a beginning store version. In a few months, as this proves successful, we will expand our store to a full line of camping gear.

We apologize, currently we can only ship to US residents, but hope to be able to expand in the future.


2. Our Store Guarantee:

Prompt Customer Support
You will receive a prompt and courteous response from our support staff within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays.

Secure Shopping
We provide a secure shopping environment carefully guard your privacy. You and your information are totally secure. Our secure shopping software is among the best available today. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name and address.

30 Day Guarantee on All Products
All our products are brand new and fully as described. If you are not completely satisfied, you will receive a full refund.

Shop at Camp Spot

Stay tuned to hear more store updates.



A special thanks to the photographers who have contributed camping photos to help brighten up our site. Thank you, Pete Shelley, Jim DeLillo, Kerrie Fearby, Baris Altunbas, and all others.

Another big thank you to the authors who have contributed stories and articles. Thank you to Cameron Larsen and David Leonhardt.



You can cook without a pot when you are on your camping trip. Cooking over a campfire has so much variety you'll never run out of different ways to cook.

Cooking on Coals is one way to cook your meat over a campfire. Just lay your meat directly on hot coals and turn it when it's half done. Biscuits and toast can also be made this way.

Cook Food in Clay to keep in the moisture and heat. Just wrap the food in a layer of clay and place it in the coals. the clay will protect the food as it cooks.

Cooking in Paper is an un-heard of method, but it can be done! As long as the paper is wet when you place it on the coals, it won’t burn. Fish is delicious when you cook it like this.

Visit: Unusual Campfire Cooking Techniques for more details about these methods and even more campfire cooking tips.



Do you have camping stories you would like to share with others?

Share your tips and experiences!
I will add a completely new page and you will be the author. Share your own camping tips or just your experience from one of your trips. Add pictures. Write a long or short story. It’s your choice.



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