A Dark Night In The Mountains - Camp Fire Stories

by Ed
(Phoenix, AZ)

Several years ago my family and the families of two other friends decided to take a camping trip to the White Mountains, in Arizona. We drove up and set up camp, tents, tables etc. and had a great camping site.

After hiking and exploring for the day we cooked dinner and then sat around a campfire talking and eating. Then we started to tell stories. I should mention that several of the children were younger than
8 years old.

Finally, it was my turn and I started to tell a tale about when I was younger and camping in the woods and a bear came into our camp. As I was going into great detail about the bear and the noise it was making, we all started to hear some "strange" sounds in the woods behind us. They seemed to be getting louder and closer.

As only a parent can explain, the eyes of all the children became wider and wider. I tried to assure them it was only the wind.

Suddenly, a great noise erupted and a huge figure was seen running just outside our camp. Was it a bear?

We never found out but the children would only sleep right next to their parents that night.

The next morning everyone was fine and we talked about the bear that had visited us last night. The only unusual thing we noticed was one of the other dad's had several scratches on his arms and face!

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