Black Eyes

by Samuel Taboada
(Munster Indiana US)

Once there was a girl. She went on a camping trip with some friends and they decided to make a bonfire. Only the girl decided to head in early and put her ear buds in as she slept.

When the girl woke up she still saw the campfire going strong. She took out her ear plugs and looked out side. "were is everyone" the girl asked herself. She assumed they went night exploring and went back into her tent, but before she did she felt a strange presence. She brushed it off and closed her tent.

Only 20 minutes later did she hear the zipper opening did she assume her friends had came back. She stood as still as she could to not make her friend think she woke her up. Finally she decided to ask her how the trip went. In reply she got back a small growl. She turned around in her sleeping bag and froze.

What was laying eye wide wasn't a person at all! It looked at her perking its head side to side. Its body was completely a gray white. Its teeth where deformed. Some sharp some longer than others. But what scared her the most was its eyes. Only black.

She screamed and ran out of the tent. The creature crawled like a spider slowly out of the tent. She ran as close as she could towards the fire. As her eyes adjusted she saw more coming from the darkness. She slipped and fell by a rock. She saw one only feet from her. Its face had been splattered with....blood.

Now she could see it perfectly. Its hands were claws that were attached to only three fingers. Its body was one similar to a spider. It crawled slowly towards the fire. Now the bright flame was in center of it wide black eyes.

This girl Emily Shiken was the survivor of a camping trip that reports say went horribly wrong. In court she proclaims she stood by the fire all night until the sun rose then drove off. This happened in 2012 "they're everywhere and travel in groups. "They killed my friends" is what Emily says as she was taken to a correctional facility in Kentucky.

Don't look behind you.

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