Camping Seasonal Tip

Four Seasons of Camping Fun

A camping seasonal tip or two comes in handy year round as enthusiastic campers crowd camping grounds and hiking trails in every season of the year.

Summer Camping

However, summer is still the preferred month of camping for most campers, hence a camping summer tip still occupies the most important position. Moreover, summer also makes you susceptible to many heat related hazards. So, here are some camping summer tips to guide you in your seasonal camping during summer.

  • Wear lightweight, light colored garments while summer camping
  • Use hats and umbrellas outdoors
  • Apply generous amounts of sunscreen on your face and on all the exposed parts of your body when camping.
  • While camping in the summer make sure you drink small amounts of water at regular intervals and even if you do not feel thirsty.
  • Include an energy drink in your daily camping routine.
  • Do not drink any caffeine or alcohol while camping as it dries your body.
  • Avoid rich foods or foods high in protein content.
  • While you camp in the summertime, eat small amounts of food and eat more often.
  • At all costs, avoid using salt tablets unless a doctor has asked you to do so.
  • Avoid any sort of extremely demanding activity in the summer heat. Do most of your hiking early in the morning.
  • If someone shows signs of heat related symptoms when summer camping, take the individual to a cool place, give them water, dab their body and face with a wet towel or ice, then call 911.

Keeping the camping seasonal tip in mind will ensure an enjoyable summer camping vacation.

Winter Camping

A winter camping tip is practical for those who find winter months a more satisfying option for camping than the pleasant summer months. As it often takes twice as much time and effort to travel in winter, a winter camping tip firstly would advise you to take care in planning the winter camping route. Other tips would be:

  1. • Find out the snow level of the place where you plan to winter camp. Also learn the quality of snow. For example, will it be breakable crust, hard-packed or powdery?
    • Ask the area rangers about local winter dangers like avalanche dangers, ice crossings, etc.
    • The camping equipment and things you take while camping in summer may be useless in winter camping, so plan accordingly.
    • Be aware of elevation changes at camp.

Fall Camping

Though not a new concept, fall camping is quickly catching up with family campers. With fewer crowds and almost no insects, fall camping seems to be the perfect option. Moreover, the natural beauty during fall is captivating.

It has its own drawbacks, though. For example some of the essential camping services like washrooms and showers may not be available out of season. However, autumn surely has more attractions, so don’t let this dampen your spirits.

If you are interested in fall camping, pack some warm clothes and enjoy the autumn months.

A camping seasonal tip may help you in all the anticipated hazards but it cannot help you with unforeseen dangers. Remember that while camping you are living with nature.

Use your basic survival tricks and stay alert by following these camping seasonal tips.








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