Your Last Minute
Camping Checklist

Last Minute Camping Checklist

- Here is a list of last minute things to do before you leave on your camping adventure. Remember to double check your entire checklist right before you leave. Don't assume someone else packed an item. This way you won't forget anything.

It's rather frustrating to finally arrive at a remote campsite, then remember that you've forgotten something vitally important  (like sunscreen or matches)! Believe me...I've done it. Here's an idea to get the kids to take some ownership in packing and being responsible. As the kids get older, get them to pack their own bag, you may have to give some guidance initially but it's a great habit for them to get into.

last minute camping checklist

Photo by Tomaz Levstek

Let me know if I have left out anything else that belongs on this list.

Before you leave

  • Lock doors
  • Close/lock windows
  • Turn off lights
  • Ask your neighbours to make it look like someone is home when you're away- like parking a car in your driveway or collecting the post.
  • Adjust thermostat - Save on energy costs.
  • Empty Garbage Cans - Old garbage is stinky!
  • Water plants - Don't return to perished plants.
  • Turn off computer
  • Turn off all standby appliances
  • Cancel newspaper delivery
  • Run dishwasher (another "stinky")
  • Make pet arrangements
  • Leave trip plan with a friend
  • Make arrangements with a neighbor to check your mailbox.
  • Or have the post office put a hold on delivery until you return.








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