Midnight Mouse - Camping Story

by Maria

I'm one person that is absolutely terrified of mice and other creepy crawlies. Ok, so I can stand them, but when they come running at me in the dark of the night, there's no telling what will happen!

During the summer of 2007 we went camping in an 5th wheel RV trailer out in a wilderness area in Utah. We were actually nearby Zion National Park.

The trailer has a ATV hauler on the back end of it. I saw a mouse running around in there several times, but hadn't ever seen one in the living area of the trailer.

Well, one night I went to bed early. My husband went to bed later AND he left the door open between the living area and the back room.

In the middle of the night, in the dark. I started hearing funny sounds, "eek, eek, eek." The sound didn't even register in my mind that there was a critter running around. I lay in bed half asleep and wondered what that sound was. It didn't really concern me, as RV's have all kinds of creaky sounds.

I was half asleep, see. THAT IS... until, a little something came running over the top of my husband, right toward me!

Yes, I sat right up, screaming as loud as I possibly could. I have NEVER screamed like that in my entire life!

My husband grabbed me and started shaking me. He thought I was having a nightmare! I was, too, in a way. The worst kind, a real one!

He commented that it's a good thing that his heart is young and healthy...

He was quite exasperated with me when he learned that it was ONLY a mouse. "Why didn't just you quietly wake me up so I could grab it? No use screaming. It's just a mouse. It's so little that it couldn't even hurt you. It won't bite you. The only thing it could do is tickle a little as it runs around."

NOT EVEN! I just couldn't help myself. I just had to scream. And I'd do it again too if a mouse ran over me in the night.

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