Oregon Dunes Camping
The Ultimate Fun Family Adventure!

Oregon dunes camping is for every family that likes to camp. No matter what your skill level, everyone loves sand.

 Dune buggies, motorcycles and even sleds are fun. There are some families that come at the same time each year so that they can meet up. It is a great group of people who love their kids and want to have fun.

oregon dunes Camping

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area knows how to take care of its customers. I love staying at the Oregon dunes campground. Their facilities are very clean and located conveniently for use. The sites are very affordable and easy to get, but you should book early enough because they eventually do book up each year.

You are allowed to have campfires here, which is very convenient. Always drown out your campfire. Make sure you stay in your site and do not bring more than 5 vehicles per site. It is very casual but you do need to follow the rules for the safety of everyone.

The area is absolutely stunning. Most of the time the weather is perfect also. It can get cool at night, so make sure you bring proper clothing and equipment, however most of the time you will be dressed in shorts, swimsuits and sunscreen. Don't forget your hats to protect from the sun.

In addition to your normal camping gear, you will also need some vehicles for fun. Four wheelers/atvs, dune buggies, motorcycles, sleds. For small children just some buckets and shovels will be fine.

No alcohol is allowed in the park, so leave it at home. Just bring all of your favorite food. No need to go traditional and bring hot dogs, bring whatever you love whether it is crab and shrimp or filet mignon, it will taste better cooked over and open fire and consumed under the warm Oregon moon.

Ever since I was a small child my father took us every year for Oregon dunes camping.  This is the ultimate camping experience for a child. The four of us, my two older brothers and my dad and I had motorcycles, but we were always lucky enough to find someone to let us use their dune buggy.

I was seven years when I got my first motorcycle. After our flat street, the sand dunes were the first place I learned to ride. Crashing in the sand is almost like not crashing at all. It is the perfect place to teach your child to ride a motorized vehicle. It was so much fun and I could not wait to repeat the experience with my own children. Just make sure they always practice proper safety techniques and wear a helmet that fits properly.

I will be continuing this tradition for as long as I can. It has become a very important family tradition for us to come Oregon dunes camping every year and I am happy to pass it down to my kids. Hope to see you there!

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