Ultra Light Sleeping Bag

For the serious hikers / backpackers looking to save precious weight.

If you love hiking but are always looking for ways to keep your pack weight down then check out our list of ultra light sleeping bags.

Down filling (bird feathers, I suppose that’s why they can fly) tends to be the lightest but is not suited to getting wet.

Ultra Light Sleeping Bag

Ultra light sleeping bags tend to be very expensive due to down fill and materials being used. But spending more on a good quality sleeping bag that will last you 10 plus years if looked after, is well worth it by reducing your carry weight and keeping you cozy warm at night. Also keep a lookout for store sales, as you can save almost 50% if you shop around and aren’t in a hurry.

Remember your safety is paramount, if you are planning on hiking where the weather can get below freezing make sure to have the right equipment even if it weighs a bit more, don’t skimp 10 extra ounces on your sleeping bag but risk your safety.

To be called ultra light the weight range we found was between 1 to 2 pounds (450 to 900 grams), although we have listed one here that weight 2 lb 8 oz (1.13 kg) purely because it’s so much cheaper than the rest.

Any way here’s the list of ultra light sleeping bags we found, hopefully there is something here to fit your budget and trip:


Ultra Light Sleeping Bag list

ImpMetricPrice sitedFill DownFCComment
Kelty Cosmic Down 2040oz1.1311050020-7Recommended for new hikers on a budget, not the lightest and of the quality of the others here but for the price a good overall bag.
Jacks 'R' Better Stealth Sleeping Bag16oz0.45210800457Not suited to below freezing temps. Called a quilt sleeping bag, extremely light weight. An all-purpose bag, can wear as a poncho.
Therma-a-Rest Haven Top Bag
26oz0.7423070030-1No zip, so can be hard getting in and out especially during the night but reasonably priced for a light weight bag.
GoLite Womens Adrenaline 3 Season Down Sleeping Bag32oz0.928080020-7An affordable 20 degree women's sleeping bag, suitable for below zero temps.
Feathered Friends Merlin Sleeping Bag23oz0.6531485030-1A well priced, standard mummy style sleeping bag, handmade in the US.
Nunatak Arc Specialist Sleeping Bag - Pertex Quantum17oz0.48387800320Extremely light weight, no zip, open at the back and uses adjustable buckles to tighten, no hood. Suits people who sleep on their back.
Marmot - Helium29oz0.8839985015-9These are good quality bags, but are getting up there in price so you'll need to shop around for discount.
PHD Mountain Software Minim 40024oz0.6840080020-7same
Western Mountaineering UltraLite 20 Degree29oz0.82405 20-7same
RAB 2012 Neutrino 400 Down Sleeping Bag 29oz0.8241580025-4same
Western Mountaineering - Alpinlite31oz0.8845085020-7same

We recently purchased the Vango Ultralite 200, it cost us around $100, and weighs in at a very light weight 32oz (900 gram). The extreme temp. rating is 12F (-11C) and comfort rating of 39F (4c), I wasn't overly warm the couple of nights we used it on the coast (about 39F I think) but for the price and weight I personally thinks it's a very good buy. We'll be using later in the year in the mountains so will update again.

Make sure to double check our ratings and weights to make sure the sleeping bag you buy suits the type of hiking or backpacking you’re planning.








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