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Looking to provide your kids with outdoors fun and life skills at the same time? The American Camping Association is dedicated to doing just that.

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Going camping teaches people, both kids and adults, a lot about life. The American Camp Association (ACA), is sometimes called the American Camping Association. It's a group of professionals who work together to provide kids and young adults with great camping experiences, at the same time teaching them important life lessons.

If you want to find out how the ACA can help your kids have a great time at summer camp, this article has the information you need.

Making Learning Fun

The ACA has been around for over a hundred years. Today, it provides millions of youths each year with an education through camping. They also work with adults and very young children on campgrounds all across the United States.

During camp, children learn all kinds of different skills that help them grow and develop into well-rounded individuals. For example, they participate in tons of fun activities that teach them about self-confidence, teamwork, and communication. The American Camping Association even teaches children about environmental issues and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Outdoors Activities

Some of the kids camping activities that children enjoy at ACA camps include horseback riding, climbing, and rowing. There are also hikes and outdoors classes to teach your children about the wilderness and survival. Many of the activities have been designed to teach children about physical fitness and nature at the same time.

Singing camp songs together is one activity that kids love. They remember the closeness to other kids as they sing together, whether everyone is in tune or not!

Tons of kids who have been to ACA kids camps have said that the camp helped them improve in a number of ways. For many kids, going to camp helped them make new friends, get to know other children who they normally wouldn't talk to, and improve their self-esteem. Kids also had a chance to do new activities and things that they were afraid to do in the past.

Kids Camps

Many summer camps are accredited by the ACA. This means that they have met the safety and other standards set by the ACA. Camps which have the ACA accreditation have demonstrated that they have appropriate activities for children that are also opportunities for learning. They give kids the chance to discover new things through an experimental approach to education and are environmentally sound spaces.

When your kids spend time at an ACA accredited camp, you can feel confident that your kids will have tons of fun in a safe setting. The safety standards there are higher than state and federal standards. The cleanliness and food at the camp are a very high standard and you can expect the meals to be balanced and nutritious.

During camp, your children will never be unattended. The ACA ensures that any camp with its seal of approval has a high counselor to camper ratio. This means that there will be constant supervision as well as good access to emergency services at all times.

Summer Camp Jobs

These camps also have jobs available for young adults. Seniors in high school or people currently attending college can apply at the camps, as well as other adults who are looking for work. Some of the positions the camps provide include counseling positions, activity leading, sports coaching, and camp directors.

For young adults, the camp experience provides them with a great opportunity to grow, while having fun at the same time. Helping young children learn and grow is a rewarding experience. Since there are so many activities and outdoor lessons, young adults come away from camp having learned a lot about a variety of subjects and about themselves. Some camp jobs are offered all year round across the country, but most are offered seasonally.

Find an ACA Camp

To find an American Camping Association approved camp, there are quite a few tools to utilize. The ACA provides a listing of all of their approved camps in a printable format. This list is organized by state and alphabetically by city.

Alternatively, you can use the camp search tool that is provided by the ACA to search for a camp that fits your specific needs. You can search by location, the types of activities that are offered, the cost of the camp, and how long the camp runs.

If you are thinking about sending your children to summer camp this year, you might want to look into kids camps that have been approved by the American Camping Association. These camps must meet very high health and safety standards as well as educational and activity requirements.

Your kids will have lots of camping fun and you will have peace of mind, knowing they are in good hands.








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