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Welcome to My Favorite Camping Store, your source for quality outdoors equipment! Here is a range of camping equipment to purchase from Amazon that we have selected based on user reviews. Would you like us to add other camping products? Let us know using our contact page.


Tents come in many sizes and configurations, so we’ve chosen a range to suit most people, including families and couples. First read about how to choose camping tents, including factors such as budget, weight, size, shapes and more.

Sleeping Bags

Finding the correct sleeping bag to suit your type of camping; whether it’s in a National Park in summer, hiking a rugged trail, snow camping; is essential to getting a good nights sleep. Choosing the best sleeping bag will be easier to once you do a little bit of homework, for most situations a good middle priced sleeping bag will keep you warm, provide a restful nights sleep and last for many years if cared for.



Air Beds



Camping Chairs

If you're staying in one place for a number of days then bringing along camping chairs is a must, although it may be worth checking with the camping ground you are staying at, it may have picnic tables you can use.



Camping Lighting

If you haven’t seen the latest in camp flash lights then you’re in for a surprise. LED lighting has revolutionised the market, with LED globes that last substantially longer than the old bulbs and use much less power.



Camping Cooking Equipment



Camping Stoves








Tent Air Conditioners
Tent Air Conditioners

Greatland Tents
Greatland Tents

Camp Songs
Camp Songs

Campfire Cooking
Campfire Cooking

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