Camping for Kids

Kids Camping - It's Not Easy... But So Rewarding!

Camping for Kids - When you take kids camping, suddenly you see the world through their eyes. Children are fascinated with even a tiny bug or thrilled with wildlife. They delight in things that adults often pass right by without noticing. Sharing the camping adventure with your kids is a wonderful way to enliven your own experience.

So, just because you have children doesn't mean you have to give up the freedom of the outdoors. Camping for kids just takes a little more planning and preparation.

Tip: The Internet is an excellent place to start when it comes to finding locations and trails that will suit your needs and child's age group.

Camping with Little Ones

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When camping with babies, toddlers and preschool campers, one of the biggest concerns is their comfort factor. Young children need to be kept warm to keep them from getting sick. Excessive exposure to the weather and the elements can really make an outing turn sour. Be sure not to take small children camping in places that are very cold or exceedingly hot.

When packing, think ahead to be certain you're bringing all the camping for kids gear you'll need to vacation in comfort. This includes but is not limited to: extra clothes, boots, diapers, blankets, first aid kit, books and toys for entertainment, etc. Using a checklist can go a long way to be sure that you don't forget anything important.

Camping for Kids

Busy Toddlers, Busy Parents

Camping for kids with a toddler/preschooler can be more challenging than camping with a baby. Toddlers are always 'on the go'. It's a big job to keep up with a busy child. You need to keep watch all the time to keep them out of mischief. Sitting in the car can seem like forever to them so again, plan carefully and have fun things ready to entertain them until you reach your camping spot.


Dangers around Every Corner

There are a lot of dangers to watch out for when you're camping with kids.  Keeping them away from bears, skunks, etc. can be rather stressful. You also have to be careful to keep them away from the fire. All kids are attracted to water, so nearby lakes or streams are another hazard. And as always, keeping an eye out for suspicious strangers is essential. (Click here to read a few kids safety tips beforehand.)

Camping for Kids

Camping with Older Kids

For older children, ages six to ten, again make sure that your kid's camping gear is all in order. Kids love to have their own kids size of kid camping equipment, sleeping bag, flashlight, etc. You can get them their own camping gear. They are absolutely thrilled to have their own kid tent. Kids love to help with the cooking. You can let them help choose their favorite foods to bring along and make the food lists and choose what foods they want. Kids can be included in many of the camp chores and clean up.


Keeping Kids Busy

Plan ahead for fun kids camping activities to keep your children busy during your camping trip. When you are traveling to your camp spot, have a list of travel games to play. You can make up games like 'license plate' bingo, 'name that state capital' or just sing a few lively kid camp songs.

camping for kids
Camping Tips for Kids

Once you reach the spot where you’ll be pitching tent for your kid’s camping trip, remember the things you loved to do in your childhood days; like making shadow puppets on the tent walls or telling scary stories (within their age level).

Another great idea is to give each child a disposable camera (in case it gets lost or broken) so they can take photos of the camping trip. When you get home you can frame their special pictures or make their own photo album to show off to friends and family.

Take the Kids Fishing

Catching a fish is an exciting and exhilarating event for any child. Give your kid a fishing rod and a hook and he will be entertained for hours. Teach them the tricks of kids fly fishing. You'll both have a wonderful time.


Camping for Kids

Hanging out with Teens

Once your child enters those pre-teen and teen years they want more independence. Remember being 16? Hanging out with your parents wasn’t so cool.

You can help your teen be more involved with the family by letting them help plan the trip, deciding where to go, and give them the responsibility to make sure all the camping gear is in order. On the trip to your camping destination give them the role of navigator so they are still taking part.

When it comes to your kid's camping trip itself, share the time with them and build relationships - involve your kid with stories about your teen years or stories about other trips you’ve taken that they might have forgotten.

If your kids are mature enough to take a good-natured joke, try giving them a camping gag gift to keep things lively around camp!

Camping for kids is a great way to bond with your child, learn something about nature, no matter what the age, so use it to your  full advantage. Your time will be well spent and the memories you make kid tent camping will last a life-time.







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