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RV camping is a great vacation choice for many reasons. Traveling through the United States and Canada in an RV can be a fun experience for the entire family and any trip can be greatly improved just by taking a few precautions before you ever leave the driveway.

Good Reasons to go RV Camping

One of the best reasons is that no other method of vacationing provides you with such an incredible view of the country. When you’re flying, you may see some clouds and some of the geographic features if you’re lucky enough to sit by the window but if you’re in an RV every window provides you with an amazing view of ever changing vistas.

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Besides the sightseeing benefits, most families also find RV camping to be more affordable than other modes of travel even with the higher gas prices. Since RVs are fully equipped, it's even possible to find some places to RV camp for free. Campground rental fees are quite affordable and are widely available in most areas. When compared to the price of renting a hotel for a week, you’ll see that the savings are quite significant.

Renting a campground site with access to electricity and water costs about $19 per night, on average. On the other hand, renting a decent hotel in most cities cost at least $60 to $75 per night. If you’re traveling with your children, you might even need to rent multiple rooms.

Another cost advantage is food. If you’re staying at a hotel, you’ll end up dining out at least twice a day during your entire trip. That might be three times a day if you’re not staying in a hotel with free continental breakfast. If you’re Recreational Vehicle camping, you can eat any meal you want at “home” without having to go to a high price, unhealthy restaurant.

While the two previous reasons are good reasons to pack up your RV camping supplies and hit the open road as a family, an even better one is the sense of closeness you’ll have with your fellow travelers. Spending those hours together on the road and in the privacy of your RV back at the campground will allow your family to grow closer and to focus on talking, playing games, and enjoying one another’s company instead of watching television or playing video games. These trips will be some of the most memorable and pleasant experiences your family will have together.

RV Tips for Travelers

You can improve your traveling experience with your family even more by planning ahead and paying attention to some specific tips that will keep things stress free.

First, make sure you keep track of the weight and height of your RV. With a vehicle this large, you could run into trouble at certain overpasses if you don’t have a clear idea of your vehicle’s dimensions. That’s definitely one way to ruin your trip.

Make sure you bring plenty of RV camping supplies. Go shopping for groceries so you can stock up on treats that will make the family happy during the trip. This means you’ll also save money because you won’t have to stop along the way for snacks and drinks.

Second, if you’re booking your campground reservations in advance (always a good idea but not always possible) make sure to specify exactly what you’re looking for in your camping area. If you’re calling far enough in advance you should be able to request almost anything, including securing the spot nearest the bathrooms or showers or swimming pool.

You might also want to call around and locate a camping ground with plenty of family-friendly activities, such as miniature golf, if you’ll be staying there for a few days.

Third, make sure you bring along an emergency kit. The kit should include basic first aid supplies including antibacterial cream, bandages, gauze, tweezers, and similar items. You should also have a copy of your insurance cards, your doctor’s name and address, and the names of any other people you’d need to contact fast in case of an emergency, such as your lawyer. You should also bring along a disposable camera just in case you have an accident and need to document the crash.

When you’re planning your next family vacation, consider RV camping. With the above tips, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits of traveling across the country RV-style.



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