Are you camping or moving?

by Bob

Thes are made from soda cans

Thes are made from soda cans

My name is Bob and I just read off a check list for going camping.
I can put it here because the list is to long.
You don't need a stove, fuel, lanterns.
True camping is learn to start a fire with flint and steel, a bow drill, or even potassium permanganate and glycerin, food?

Take some packaged foods with you but learn to enjoy the nice taste of fish or snakes you catch.

As for a stove you can make a stick stove.
That putting 4 sticks in the ground and placing a piece of flat rock on top of then and build the fire under it.
Below is a link to many different stoves.

After you eat then just sit back, relax and forget the job and any other problems.
Lay back and look up at the stars, learn how to locate the North star.

Amd when it's time to go to sleep you will enjoy that shelter you built from sticks and leaves.

Camping grounds? May as well just camp in your own back yard.
In the wilderness you hear nothing but the noise of some furry critters running around and what mother Nature has in store for you.

Check out the penny stove.
I made several different type both big and small.

Take care and Blue Skys to you


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