A Camping Gag Gift
Reveal Your Mischievous Side

If you are someone who just loves to play jokes, a camping gag gift can change the whole atmosphere on your vacation. No need to leave the fun at home!

Whether it’s a fishing gag gift or a common funny gag gift you could bring long a few Halloween style gags up your sleeve to spice things up a bit.

There are numerous camping gag choices. Be selective for your audience. For kids you can find harmless decorative ghost gift boxes stuffed with assorted chocolates and candies shaped as creepy ghosts and scary pumpkins. Or try a fishing gag gift, perfect both for children and grown-ups. For an adult's camping gag gift try a shock object where a harmless electric shock catches them off guard.

 Groovy Camping Gag Gifts and Ideas

  • Imagine your family members waking up at camp and discovering a whole lot of dog poop in front of their camp tent. If you want an even funnier effect put some near your sister’s makeup box. No one will realize that it is actually made from synthetic fibers!

  • A funny gag gift for campers would be a camp gag poster. For example you could use prohibited camp posters stating, “This campsite has been abandoned due to the presence of certain fatal gases. Camp at your own risk”. Now slap the stickers around after your family has finished camping and enjoy the fun when you see the faces of your friends. The consequence you have to face later is always worth the gag. :-)

  • Another great camping gag gift idea is to buy a fake foam brick gag. This camp gag gift is made of foam and looks exactly like a brick, so go ahead throw the funny gag at someone. Then laugh away while they dodge it.

  • Choose a car (preferably of someone disliked, it could even be the neighbor who complains about everything) in the campground, and stick on a lifelike shatter mark sticker. These funny camp gag stickers do not require any glue and clings to any glass surface. You could choose between a baseball, tennis ball, or even a golf ball.

  • Placing a fake camp parking ticket on your dad’s car is another funny camp gag gift idea. A nice day at camp and a parking ticket on the windshield is a perfect recipe for fun. The camp parking ticket gags are bright neon orange in color and are printed on thick card stock. On the offense list you could give funny options like: "Did you leave your brain at home while camping?" Or, "Camp parking ticket because you have a funny smile," etc. Two things are guaranteed: first you'll have a good laugh and maybe even thrashing later on.

  • You can also get a camp gag gifts set, which contains many funny tricks such as hot pepper chewing gum, fishing gags, etc all in one package. This way, you can save on money.

The camping gag gift best serves its purpose when it is harmless and doesn't stretch the joke too far. And make sure you try it on people who know how to laugh at themselves. Otherwise things might not turn out exactly as you planned! Also, be prepared for revenge from those whom you practiced your gags...

Now you know just how to make your camping trips more
exciting and unpredictable with a camping gag gift.









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