My First Ever Camping Trip

by Jillian
(Melbourne, FL, USA)

I remember the first time I ever went camping. The first time I went camping I was with my church's youth group. It was a very fun and somewhat scary experience.

When I first went camping I was about twelve years old. We were in the middle of the woods and it is a event I will never forget. I'm sure everyone can remember their first camping night, and some might agree that the first time can be somewhat scary, especially if you're young.

We had a blast! We did things like fishing, hiking down different trails in the woods, and playing in the lakes.

We roasted marshmallows and cooked breakfast the next morning. I never knew that you could toast bread over an open fire and it would work just as well as a toaster.

During the first night of the camp out I got really scared because I thought I kept hearing strangers in the woods!

Camping trips are a great way to bond with friends, and just have a great time!

This was definitely a camping trip I'll never forget.

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Sleeping in the cold

by Jan-willem

Hey folks a camping tip.

When you have a hard time sleeping due to cold you might want to think about putting something under your "bed".

The air in almost any tent will be warmed by your own breath. The ground will not warm that quickly and drains the most heat from the body.

This is especially true for kids sleeping places, do this for all your kids outdoor bedding you make!

Unfold and place a emergency blanket under your mattress, you know those tight packed silvery/gold thin blankets that fold out pretty big.

Above that put one side of wool two person's blanket. Than lay the air mattress on the half wool blanket and fold the other side of the wool blanket over the air mattress and secure the wool blanket. This way the air mattress is inside a wool mattress!

If you feel the wool is itchy but a cotton blanket over that, and than your sleeping bag.

This way you will not loose energy and you will sleep like a baby.

Also the best way for an air mattress is to pump it up in a way that when you lie on the mattress you almost hit the ground. The air mattress is never fully pumped up!

As a side note, this way of pumping up an air mattress is also known to help people to get rid of their lower back pains.

Good luck,


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