Scary Noises...

by Grandma Beckie
(Phoenix, AZ )

When camping with my young children, we were sitting around the campfire enjoying hot dogs cooked on a stick over the fire. One of my sons decided he did not want his. Since we were way out in the woods and didn't mind attracting some wildlife, I tossed the hot dog over my shoulder and went back to enjoying the fire. A few minutes later I heard a noise coming through the bushes behind me! I jumped up just knowing a skunk or something was coming for me. But it was the large hot dog that had rolled back down the small hill behind me where I had thrown it.

Everyone but me thought it was hilarious - but I tell the story now to my grandchildren too! AND I'm still camping...

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The Flashlight and the Outhouse

by Brandon
(Meridian, ID)

When I was about seven years old, I had an unfortunate incident while camping involving a flashlight and an outhouse.

To make a long story short, I had to pee before going to bed. Being a kid and lacking any common sense, I attempted to unzip my fly and pee while holding the flashlight in my hand.

Well, I fumbled the flashlight ended up in the deep void of the pit toilet.

Fearing I was in deep trouble, I broke down in tears as I walked back to the campsite and prepared to break the news to my parents.

My mom was amused by the incident while my dad traumatized me further by threatening to lower me into the toilet to retrieve the still illuminated flashlight.

I still go camping with my parents every year and three decades later, I am still reminded to not drop the flashlight in the outhouse. I am happy to say that is no longer an issue since I now use a headlamp.

And I will say that I am always sure that it's snug on my head whenever I use the outhouse!

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Feb 25, 2009
Honesty embarrasses
by: Elizabeth

Happens to everyone once in a lifetime, My sympathy

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