Where did the Greatland website go to?

by Molly

I have a Greatland screened canopy. When I got it a couple of years ago, it was missing one pole. I tracked down the Greatland website online and they sent me a pole within a few days.

After some very heavy use including run-ins with a torrential rain storm and a determined bear, I need to replace (buy) 3 poles and a plastic ridge hub. But I can no longer find the website. Can anyone help? The canopy is still in great shape except for the 3 poles and the ridge hub!

Even if they are hard to contact, please give me the phone # and/or web address.

Please help!

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Jul 14, 2019
Tent hub for Graceland Ranier hex wall tent
by: Elizabeth

My son borrowed the tent and he broke the hub. Where can I find another one? Only used once! Would like to use as an emergency tent in case of the big one here in the Pacific Northwest!

apockalipse2 @ yahoo.com

Jul 09, 2015
Hub needed
by: Sandy S

I also have a Greatland Outdoors six sided screen house and accidentally threw out the hub that holds the poles at the top and cannot for the life of me find out where to get another one. Can someone help me please?
sandrakaykia a t yahoo.com

Please put "Hub" in the subject line otherwise I will delete it.

Thank you so much.

Feb 04, 2015
Greatland tent parts
by: Patrick

I'm pretty sure a company called Pinnacle tents has the rights to the insta-set tents via Camptown which made the tents for Target Stores(Greatland).

They have a website and sell some tents to the public, but mainly manufacture in volume to retailers. They sell the parts .. parts http://www.camptents.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/682poleassembly-500x374.jpg


Dec 09, 2011
Here is the Greatland website details:
by: Tony

The Greatland Tent brand was actually manufactured by North Pole Ltd but they seem to have gone out of business.

So for anyone interested, here's the link to Camptown in Korea who seem to have the same tent manuals:


To get parts you may try to contact their Customer Service:


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Average consumer - Greatland Northpole

by George Erskine
(Columbus Ohio)

I have a 6 sided gazebo sold by Target, and branded as a Greatland Outdoors. There is no website for Greatland as most of you know by now. If any of you have an item made by Northpole for Target, the truth is Northpole has closed its parts and consumer service departments indefinitly. I discovered some Target tents and gazebos may have been manufactured by Wenzel. I bought a few replacement poles from them for the gazebo, and they did indeed work. As for Northpole, it looks like they are a bust.

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