Kid Tents
More Than Just Shelter

It’s a fact: kids love kid tents. Adventures seem to hide inside tents. When you’re ready to go camping, your adventurous kids will want their own tent. So, choosing the perfect tent for your child is a daunting task for any parent.

You Have Many Choices

When you think of child tents the first thing that comes to mind is the classic scout’s pup tent. The scout style tent has been used for years. These days, though, the choices and varieties of kid’s tents are just about endless.

kid tents

Tents for kids come in an array of prices, styles and colors. There are so many different kinds available, you’re sure to find exactly the tent that your child wants.

Most kid tents are designed for simple summer camping. Their tents are most frequently used for backyard camping. Some of these tents also come with other equipment included, like a day pack or sleeping bag. This is a nice option to get several of your kid’s necessities rolled into one.

Rough and Tough

Most kid tents have nylon walls with polyurethane coating which means although they aren’t indestructible they are pretty tough against the elements (and rough-housing). Although very sturdy, and perfect for most camping, children’s tents aren’t equipped to withstand wild and heavy winter weather. If your child needs a more rugged camping tent, you’ll probably find what you want in an adult tent.

A Rainbow of Colors

When it comes to color, kid’s tents have a wide range of shades to choose from. There is a great assortment of hues available. Every color of the rainbow can be seen in your search for a tent.

Many of the one and two man tents on the market have the same (or similar) dimensions as child tents. That means if your little one doesn’t find what they like in the kid department you could see what’s offered in the adult section. Be warned though, a grown-up tent might be a few feet bigger but also a bit more pricey.

Wide Price Ranges

Pricing for kids tents are usually anywhere from around $20.00 to $60.00 on average for brand-name suppliers like Coleman. However when you make the jump to an adult tent, a similar item can cost about $100 more. You might get a few extra feet of space but consider whether it’s worth the cost for a rambunctious kid.

 With pricing under $100, the cost for your child's tent is quite affordable. And whether it’s light hue or dark hue; the classic ‘pup tent’ or the dome style, your child can find the kid tent that’s perfect for them in today’s market.








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