Sing a Patriotic American Song

Old and young alike, all love to sing as the campfire flickers. ItÂ’s so enjoyable to hear campers enthusiastically sing a patriotic American song. The songs of our country are stirring and motivating to everyone who participates.


God Bless America

patriotic american song Photo by Robert Linder

God Bless America, land that I love,
Stand beside her, and guide her,
Through the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam,
God Bless America, my home sweet home,
God Bless America, my home sweet home.


This Land is Your Land

As I went walking, that ribbon of highway
I saw above me that endless skyway
I saw below that golden valley.
This land was made for you and me.
This land is your land,
This land is my land.
From California to the New York Island
From the Redwood forest
To the Gulf Stream waters.
This was made for your and me.

Woody Guthrie


Yankee Doodle

Yankee Doodle went to town,
a-riding on a pony;
Stuck a feather in his cap
And called it macaroni.

Yankee Doodle keep it up,
Yankee Doodle dandy,
Mind the music and the step
And with the girls be handy.

Father and I went down to camp
Along with Captain Gooding
And there we saw the men and boys,
As thick as hasty pudding.

There was Colonel Washington,
Upon a strapping stallion,
A-giving orders to his men,
I guess there was a million.

And there I saw a cannon barrel
As big as mother's basin,
And every time they touched it off
They scampered like the nation.


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