Repeat After Me Camp Songs

Repeat after me camp songs are an excellent way to get everyone involved in the campfire singing. When everyone else is repeating songs and singing, it's just irresistible not to just follow along!


Out In The Woods

The other day (repeat)
I met a bear (repeat)
Out in the woods (repeat)
A-way out there (repeat)

He looked at me (repeat)
I looked at him (repeat)
He sized up me (repeat)
I sized up him (repeat)
He said to me (repeat)
Why don't you run (repeat)
I see you ain't (repeat)
Got any gun (repeat)

And so I ran (repeat)
Away from there (repeat)
But right behind (repeat)
Me was that bear (repeat)

Ahead of me (repeat)
Was a great big tree (repeat)
The biggest tree (repeat)
Oh glory be (repeat)

The lowest branch (repeat)
Was ten feet up (repeat)
I'd have to jump (repeat)
And trust my luck (repeat)

And so I jumped (repeat)
Into the air (repeat)
But I missed that branch (repeat)
Away up there (repeat)

Now don't you fret (repeat)
And don't you frown (repeat)
Cause I caught that branch (repeat)
On the way back down (repeat)

That's all there is (repeat)
There ain't no more (repeat)
Unless I meet (repeat)
That bear once more (repeat)

And then I met (repeat)
That bear once more (repeat)
Now he's a rug (repeat)
On my bare floor. (repeat)


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IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not claim to have written any of these campfire song lyrics. It’s very difficult to track the origin of the traditional camp songs. Many of the older songs are part of the public domain and we are unable to know if any are copyrighted. If you feel a song included here has infringed on a copyright, please let us know.








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