Some More Fun Things To Do While Camping

How can you fill your time while camping, well one of the best things to do while camping is to relax, that’s right do nothing, read a book but if you must get active here are some ideas.


Beach or River Camping

things to do while camping

Photo by Geena

Camping near water offers the most choice for things to do while camping, such as: swimming, canoeing, surfing, body boarding, sailing, wind surfing, fishing, when we go camping we tend to pick a place near either a river or the beach.

Kids love exploring, so if you’re near the water go for a walk on the beach, searching for shells or driftwood, you can spend hours doing this. Try our kids camping activities page for more information on what to do with kids while camping.



How about going hiking for the day, if you’re in a national park there is often well marked walking trails with great views and wildlife to see. So pack some good walking shoes or hiking boots, a day pack with plenty of water and snacks to keep you going, read our hiking tips here.


Star Gazing

things to do while camping

Photo by Dino Quinzani

One of our family’s favourite camping activities is to sleep out under the stars, once you get away from the city lights the stars look amazingly bright, you can spot satellites as they move across the night sky and also the occasional shooting star. 

Keep an eye on the weather, when you have a clear night preferably with no moon, prepare by finding an open spot before it gets dark and you’ll need a large tarp to put over the sleeping bags to keep the dew off. Just be aware of the wildlife around the area you are camping, you don’t want to be woken in the night by a bear standing over you!



Take the bikes along with you and explore the local area on bike, a great way to get some exercise and a bit less boring that walking everywhere. Depending on your destination you may need to take a mountain bike, they suit most terrain that you’ll find when camping, just remember to take plenty of water and maps, you don’t want to get lost or be caught out without water.  

There are many great cycle trails that involve camping or staying in accommodation along the way, fit your bike out with pannier racks and a small tent and sleeping bag and off you go.


Make a Campfire

An integral part of camping is having a campfire, half the fun is getting the fire going, kids love helping but just be careful to warn them about the dangers of campfires. Try cooking some damper (an Australian bread) or toasting marshmallows, find other campfire cooking ideas here. Finally don’t forget singing camp songs around the camp fire, a great fun way to finish the day.  

At the end of the day camping is all about getting out doors away from everyday life at home, experiencing nature and having fun, so go out, have an adventure with these things to do while camping, enjoy!









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