This is my 2nd story in as many years


Clear Water

Clear Water

I love the outdoors.
The Military was a big help.
I try getting people to do some winter camping but all I hear is that it's to cold.
Stop thinking about the weather.
Get yourself tuned in with the area your in and just accept what Mother nature has waiting for you:-)
Put up that tent and look forward to warming up your bare feet next to a camp fire.
Make some hot coffee or chocolate and enjoy all those moving satellites in the sky.
Take a pad and pen and write a story about what you did each day.
But the most important thing is learn not to panic if you should get lost
Learn how to camp off the beaten down popular trails and also learn how to set up kite line around your camp so it triggers a flare.
Get topo maps and try locating lost historic areas.
And remember at night the little lady likes a sleeping bag made for 2 :-)

Wilderness Elite SAR & Instruction.
Wilderness Survival skills,Severe weather,Swift water pet rescue (609)-638-1629)

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