We grew up camping,...but when I was young...

by K.S.
(New York)

My family grew up camping and going on road trips, it was always my parents, my older brother and older sister, but when I was young, around 10 years old, I had the most memorable camping trip I've had to date (I am currently now 35 years old).

We drove about 4 hours to this awesome campsite every year, after setting up our camper and tents, My father and I went for a little hike and came upon a pond, just the sounds alone...I can still hear now as if I was still there...the frogs, the water, nature and wildlife looming all around us.

As my Father and I were looking around in the pond, I noticed a little baby frog sitting on a rock, he was too far for me to reach, so my Dad picked me up and stretched me across the pond so that I could pick up the baby frog...

I held him in my hand, he was wet and cool to the touch and slippery!

I remember at that moment... that I would never forget it, Dad and Me bonding with nature as one.

Just then I heard a loud frog ribbiting...it was the Parent of the baby frog I was still holding, I looked down and the Parent frog was looking my in the eyes, as if to say...please give me my baby back, my Dad then said, ok Keri, it's time to set him back down gently to be with his loved ones... and I did, and I remember the Parent and the Baby frog, sitting next to each other. Then leaping together onto another rock and just sitting there with each other...

Like me and my Dad... No different, just 2 creatures whom love each other unconditionally. I will never forget that moment til the day I die.

It was one of many numerous times and moments I had with my Father....until his untimely death at age 55 of cancer, I was only 16 when he died, but he taught me all of what I know about camping.

I camp at least 25 times a year or more, and always...always...think of my Dad with the fondest memories of all of us camping.

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