Wilderness First Aid Kits and Survival


Many people write me asking for information on first aid kits.
You should take a good kit with you.
Lets just say you tripped and put a deep wound in leg or arm.
Your going to need more then a few band aids and a few packs of gauze.
Knowing that I know what to do makes camping so much more enjoyable.


This very popular and useful kit contains the same exact contents that were issued to the troops in the Iraq War. It is also being used by several state and federal government agencies.

The bag is made of a durable cordura NYLON with three MOLLE straps for attaching to your own backpack. Included is the new ACS 1st Response Quik-Clot, Israeli Bandage, Tourniquet and all the items necessary for treatment of wounds.

Measures: 8.5'' x 7.5'' x 3'' and weighs 1.8 lbs.

1 Israeli Bandage 4"
1 Lip Balm
1 Set of Blue Nitrile Gloves
1 Quik-Clot
2 H&H Compress Gauze 4.5"x4.1yds
1 Roll Bandage 3"
1 Tourniquet non pneumatic1Tape 1"x10yds
1 Set of EMT Shears 7.5"
1 Triangular Bandage 46"x46"x52"

Another thing you should do is learn how to survive and pick up some self survival skills.
Learn to improvise.
Learn how to start a fire several different ways.
I can go out in the woods with nothing, start a fire, catch fish and snakes, build my own shelter.
Reading books is one thing.

Going out into the woods and trying to start a fire with a bow drill is a lot of work.
This site has a lot of good information on it but it should also have some sort of mailing list where people can post a question and get an answer very fast.
Bob Lech AF2Q

Wilderness Elite SAR & Instruction.
Wilderness Survival skills, Severe weather, Swift water pet rescue www.angelfire.com/nj4/rescue/ (609)-638-1629

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