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by Aaron

Intelligent Design have put out this app to hopefully keep hikers safer.

Once loaded on your iPhone you can use Yodel to send messages to your contacts to let them know where you are and an approxiamate return time.
Note: my understanding is you need phone tower coverage to use these features so won't work if you're in wilderness areas with no cell phone access.

Yodeling was originally used by Swiss mountain climbers to communicate their location on the mountain to other climbers and to the villages below. Yodel works much the same way (without the questionable looks from others). 


Yodel also features and SOS function that sends an emergency message to all contacts in the app's Contacts directory with location coordinates then auto-dials 911 or a designated emergency contact.


With Yodel you can send way-points during your adventures for bragging rights or just to let them know you're OK, again, with a single touch. 

• Contact management to establish a "personal safety network"

• Simple user interface - one-touch notifications

• SMS and email notifications

• SOS feature for emergency situations

• No subscription fees

• Runs in background, doesn't use excess battery life

• Totally private. No 3rd-party servers. Data is kept only on your phone.

If you would like to try our app for free, contact us for a free download code.
For further information contact dmurray@weareid.com or visit any of the following links:
App URL: http://id-comm.com/apps/yodel/
App Store URl: http://itunes.apple.com/app/yodel/id450902710?mt=8#
Or call (801) 573-6215

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