Plan Ahead for Kid Tent Camping

Taking a kid tent camping is always rewarding although it may be a bit nerve-wracking at times. You can do some preparation ahead of time to make it a little easier on everyone.

A trial backyard camping experience may be a good way to prepare the kids for the real thing. If possible, make the first tent camping trip with the kids close to home, then you won’t have to travel very far, and if you forget something, it won’t be too far off.

If your child is old enough, let them help with the tent setup. Soon they will know how even better than you! Who knows, they might even be able to show YOU how it’s supposed to be done.

With the unaccustomed newness of the outdoors, a small child or toddler will desire the comfort of their parents nearby. Plan your tent space accordingly for them. You probably won’t need much extra room for the smaller kids.

Older children 5-8 years old are more adventurous, but they still need the watchful eyes of their parents. You may enjoy a multi-room camping tent with separate areas for the parents and the kids.

Soon though, they will want to be “big kids” and have their own kid tent and sleeping bag. A small pup or dome tent nearby will suit the purpose perfectly. Kids love to have their own area. Have a storage place for all their treasures somewhere OUTSIDE the tent.

Teach the kids while they are still small, the house rules for tents. The kids will be more careful when they get their own kid tent.

Some good rules for kids to follow are:

  • No shoes in the tent.
  • Don’t touch the sides of the tent.
  • Never leave wet clothes inside the tent.
  • The tent is not a play area. Use it for what it was designed to be.
  • Keep tools, bikes, and other hazardous objects away from the tent.

Taking care of their gear will make your kids experienced tent campers. When you teach the kids how to care for the camping tent, you will all have a more enjoyable family camping trip. Soon your kids will be the best campers at the campground!








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