Useful Tent Repair Products

Here are some useful tent repair products that will help you be prepared for your camping tent emergencies.

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Coleman Water Repellant - Aeorsol Spray

  • Great for use on canvas, nylon, leather, suede and most fabrics
  • Restores factory-applied stain and water treatments
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long-lasting silicone solution
  • 10.5 oz
  • tent repair

    Tent Repair Kits

    This kit is a lifesaver when it comes to a tent that leaks, mosquitos that get in, and when it doesn't zip up or stand up. This is perfect for anyone who owns a tent.

    Gear Aidâ„¢ repair kit for tents, is an excellent, comprehensive tent rehabilitation kit. Contains 22 specialized repair items including pole splints, fabric patches, zipper replacements and deodorizer. Items included for both home and field repairs. Each kit contains excellent components and insightful, illustrated instructions all packed into a tough, lighweight zip pouch. Weight 6 oz

    tent repair

    Tenacious Tape

    This super adhesive tape sticks to almost any surface and can be used for a variety of flexible, long lasting repairs. Includes one 3" x 20" (500mm x 75mm) strip of tape 60 sq. inches (375 sq. cm). Tenacious Tape uses tent fabric to provide nearly invisible, permanent repairs. Clean Adhesive Technology allows this product to be removed without leaving glue gunk from duct tape. A great product for repairing tents, tarps, mosquito netting, rain gear, backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses, cooler bags, etc!

    McNett Seam Sure Water based Sealer Tube

    Brand: McNett
  • Fast drying, water based urethane formula
  • Seals seams on tents, packs and other gear
  • Easy to use
  • Dries to a clear, long lasting, nearly invisible film
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 2oz

  • Designed for sewn seams on synthetic fabrics and breathable laminates. It has a unique brush tip applicator to work into needle holes, sewn joints, corners, and under lap-felled seams. Seam Sure is freeze/thaw stable and washable/dry-cleanable. It is ideal for tents, packs, rainwear, garments and tarps.

    tent repair

    Aquaseal Polycoat

    Heavy duty waterproofing made especially for tent floors, rain flies, backpacks and gaiters. Water-based, odorless formula that is easy to apply and cleans up with water. 8 oz. bottle will cover about 25 square feet.

    tent repair

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