Get Ready for ATV Camping Adventures

ATV camping is a great way to relieve stress, get away from everyday city life, and explore new things.

There are tons of different and exciting ways to go camping these days. Good old fashioned camping involves just you, a tent and sleeping bag, and some basic supplies. You don't have to keep things so simple.

Ever thought of ATV camping? If you've never heard much about it, read on to learn how an ATV might just be what your next camping trip needs.

Simply put, this type of camping means that you're taking an all terrain vehicle along on your camping trip. Quad bikes, a four-wheelers, and three wheelers are all widely available for weekend rental, if you don't have one of your own.

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Off Road Recreation

ATV camping makes getting around much easier in rough wilderness areas. If you're camping in a place that you have never visited before and it is fairly large, it's nearly impossible to cover everything on foot. An ATV, on the other hand, makes it easy for you to explore as much as you want and at any pace that you want. You will be able to adventure to your heart's content.

Unlike an RV or a car, an ATV goes nearly anywhere in rough terrain. Its smaller size as well as rugged frame and tires give it a light footprint. This makes it perfect for exploring off road in forests and mountainous areas. Double check the rules for the area and stay on established ATV roads to keep the native areas undisturbed for the next visitor.

A high quality ATV will be able to handle almost anything and take you anywhere. It's great for hauling all of your heavy camping gear , like water, lanterns, and camping tent . Just be careful not to overload your bike or you might risk tipping it over when you turn a corner or go over some rough terrain.

Getting Around on Wheels

For some people, ATVs are a necessity for camping. Campers physically unable to get around easily can ride rather than hike. For these people, an ATV makes it possible to go camping and have fun without hindrance.

One of the great things about going camping with an ATV is that you can camp nearly anywhere you want. Some campsites get really crowded and noisy, so having the ability to ride away from it all and find a quiet spot for yourself will allow you to fully enjoy your trip. You probably would not be able to do this as easily on foot and you certainly could not do this with a huge RV.

ATV Camping Gear

There are great camping accessories that have been designed for ATV campers. But, to go camping with your ATV, all you need is the ATV and your camping supplies, like your tent, sleeping bag, gasoline, and of course, food and water. Every camping trip is different, figure out first which supplies are right for you. However, if you need help hauling all of the stuff on your ATV, you might want to think about purchasing a rear rack.

There are tons of different kinds of atv rack . Each rack will be able to hold a different amount of weight, find one that can hold all of your stuff. To avoid accidentally overloading, figure out how much weight your ATV can actually haul before you buy a rack and load it.

Awesome Items

Here's some ATV camping gear top picks that I've personally selected for you:

Guide Gear ATV Front / Rear Basket Set - An easy way to carry more gear that you would normally have to leave behind.

Mad Dog ATV Fin Grip Rack - Double - Soft rubber fins that grip, cushion and protect your camping, fishing, and hunting gear 

SMOKY MOUNTAIN ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE (ATV) FENDER CARGO BAGS - BLACK   - Light-weight but sturdy bags made with reflective material.


ATV Campsites

Before you go, make sure that the campground allows ATV use. If you want to take your four-wheeler with you camping, you have to go to an off-road specific campsite. These sites allow you to use your ATV on their grounds and camp overnight. Some campgrounds ban ATVs, while other off-road recreation sites do allow ATV's, but don't allow overnight camping.

A great way to find ATV campsites is to go online and find a trustworthy listing of different sites. There are quite a few available.

Some examples of fantastic campsites include:

  • Frog Meadows in the Sequoia National Forest, California
  • Big Scrub in Ocala National Forest, Florida
  • Sam Houston Forest, Texas

In Motion

If you really want to get around and see everything you possibly can during your camping trip while enjoying the thrill of the ride, ATV camping is for you. Pack up your gear and find a great campsite where you can let loose with your ATV. Have fun!



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